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Our brand new approach helps you to increase the sales and reduce costs of your restaurant or hotel. Fully adaptive design, intuitive workflow, stable and secure platform in all languages at once. Restaurant menu app in a cloud.

Automated Menu Ordering System For Your Brand 

Imagine a whole restaurant mobile app along with complete menu for your restaurant, night club, bar, cafe or hotel with instant free mobile ordering built within minutes.

Built on a Cloud

No matter where restaurant business is located, the transaction premises are privately kept safe according to Swiss Laws and Privacy acts. All automated Menu servers are located in Protected Data center premises, keeping your business safe and stable. Our SaaS mobile ordering system is completely cloud-based, making data-loss and offline issues impossible due to server cluste structure, making automated order system provided by us the most efficient and secure service available. We guarantee the 100% safety and reliability of services provided and will make our best efforts to maintain our promises.

App for all devices

CARTE is not just an app. It's a completely your own branded restaurant app for Android and iOS mobile devices plus it works on all kinds of devices without any download needed. While following your business brand and primary colors, automated menu is created exactly how you want it to look like within a few seconds after you set the preferences and provide your business logo. The automated menu interface completely follows the application or mobile device interface features, making it easy to use along with possibility to access the mobile application via QR code, a shortcut or your unique website address provided by us.

Multilingual Menu

The automated ordering system client interface supports all types of mobile and PC devices that have a browser and WIFI enabled. Your guests can access the order system easily by 3 possible methods: via a QR code provided at the location, by typing in the personal menu web address or simply by connecting to your hotspot. Once connected, your guests get access to the menu system in their native language automatically upon accessing your automated menu. The app fits the needs of international guests - our service is completely international and supports up to 130 languages.

How productive is the
Automated Menu Operating System?

Leverage our simple interface for menu administration and automated ordering - a product developed together with prominent owners of restaurant and hotel businesses. Our mobile ordering menu system is created with participation of experts, specifically to help your restaurant or tourist business grow significantly.



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What is CARTE.IS?

  1. MOBILE APPLICATION is made to provide a full search over the worldwide restaurant database along with voice support in your area and locate the best restaurant with dishes you are looking for. The app is available in iOS and Android versions and supports the search features plus the ordering and reviews of each restaurant. The search will include the hotel bookings, table reservations as well. The app offers the features of ordering a taxi directly to or from the selected restaurant.
  2. INDIVIDUAL BRANDED APP for any restaurant, cafe, bar, grocery store or hotel owner. The mobile application is completely genuine and created within minutes directly from online ordering system. The service is free and includes an android app. Extended paid service includes extended app publishing in iOS and Android stores for a low monthly payment. The app is created with restaurant or hotel brand design and provides all the features: ordering, feedback and reviews.
  3. CARTE BUSINESS BACK-OFFICE - The back-office is created as a user friendly, easy and drag&drop graphic interface for kitchen, waiter and management roles. The business owner can create as many staff members as needed.
  4. CARTE MENU INTERFACE The menu interface is optimised and accessible directly via mobile browser from scanned QR code, APP or WIFI of the restaurant once customer is connected. The orders can be made in guest mode or as a registered preferred customer.

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